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「日本文化月間」の開催案内 - Japan Culture Month

Japan Culture Month
January 16th – February 3rd, 201 7
The Embassy of Japan in Tehran, in collaboration with Sumitomo Corporation, SAI Drum Band, Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of East Azerbaijan, Music Office of the Ministry of Culture & Islamic Guidance, Fajr International Music Festival and Niavaran Cultural Center,  holds “Japan Cultural Month”.
City of Tabriz will host Japan Cultural Month on January 16th and Tehran will host the event from January 18th – February 3rd. This event will be inaugurated in Tabriz by the Japanese drum music concert. SAI Drum Band will also have a public performance on January 18th as part of Fajr International Music Festival in Tehran’s Vahdat Hall.  Japan Cultural Month will continue on January 29th at Niavaran Cultural Center with the program of “Japan Day”, which will consist of various programs. Japan Cultural Month will end with Japanese Language Speech Contests at the Embassy of Japan in Tehran.

Japanese Drum Concert by SAI Band
After the formation of SAI band in 2005, the band held concerts, playing Japanese Traditional Instruments in different parts of the world. SAI band succeeded in becoming the winner of the biggest Japanese drum competition (East Japan Drum competition by Japanese Taiko Society). This band is not only active in the programs of Japan National TV but it is also active in television and internet advertisements of renowned companies. The activities of this band are also covered by the media and the press. SAI band has been able to draw the attention of many people by staging a new style of Japanese drum performance and because of the popularity that it gained, the tickets of its tour held in different parts of Japan in 2015 were sold out. SAI drum band is currently the most notable band in Japan performing Japanese musical instruments. Up to now, the band has performed in China (Macao), UAE (Dubai), Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Panama and the United States (Hawaii) .

  1. Tabriz

Date and Time: January 16th
Venue: Amphitheater Hall of Shahryar International Hotel in Tabriz (for the invitees)
In case de

cision is made to release the tickets, an announcement will be made accordingly.

  1. Tehran, Fajr International Music Festival

Date and Time: January 18th , From 18:30
Venue: Vahdat Hall
To purchase tickets please refer to the website of Fajr Music Festival


Japan Day
In order to acquaint the Iranian children with  Japan’s culture, art and sport aspects and the interested Iranians in culture, art and martial arts  “Japan Day” will be held with the collaboration of Sumitomo Corporation and Karate Association at Niavaran Cultural Center in Tehran during Japan Cultural Month. One of the programs of “Japan Day” is to teach the Japanese method of wrapping gifts with paper or handkerchief. Japanese art of wrapping gifts is very famous around the world. Another program of “Japan Day” focuses on teaching how to wear  Japanese traditional custom (Kimono). During this program in order to further introduce the traditional cultural expressions of Japan, this type of clothing which is still used in certain occasions will be introduced. The other programs of “Japan Day” include: the method of making fragrant bags, demonstration of Japanese tea ceremony, performance of martial arts, Japanese calligraphy and the display of pictures from Japan’s landscapes.
Date and time: January 29, from 18:00
Venue:  Niavaran Cultural Center
Open to public

Japanese Speech Contest
This year along with “Japan Cultural Month”, the 19th edition of Japanese Language Speech Contest will be held in the Multipurpose Hall of the Embassy of Japan on Friday, February 3rd, 201 7 . The purpose of holding this program is to encourage the interested Iranians learning the Japanese language and to also promote the mutual understanding between the people of Japan and Iran.
More information is available on _speech_contest.html

Brief introduction of Sumitomo Corporation

Sumitomo Corporation is an international company with offices in 67 countries around the world. In 2015, the employees of the company started exchanging activities such as introducing  Japan’s traditional culture.
The importance of having a role in society, promotion of mutual understanding and friendly and constructive relations among nations motivated Sumitomo Corporation to get involved in this field. 
It is honor when many people become interested in the country of Japan and enjoy the programs offered by Sumitomo Corporation through close touch of Japanese culture.