Applying For Japan’s Grant Assistance For Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) In The Islamic Republic Of Iran In 2023

1. Introduction
The Government of Japan invites entities from NGOs and Local Governments to apply for the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) Program, in fiscal year 2023 (April 2023- March 2024).
GGP is a flexible and timely funding scheme, which supports grassroots level socio-economic development projects initiated by civil society organizations addressing people’s Basic Human Needs (BHNs).
Reflecting the Japanese Government’s strong commitment to uphold the concept of Human Security, GGP program intends to contribute to improvement of various fields such as health, education, skill training, and social welfare sectors.
In addition to the attached Flow Chart and Application Form, please be advised of the following information particularly for submitting the project proposals for the fiscal year 2023.
2. Eligible Recipients
The GGP’s targets are local/national/international NGOs, local governmental and public organizations including hospitals, medical institutions, educational institutions such as primary and junior high schools, government-related institutions, international organizations, and also nonprofit organizations, which implement development projects at grassroots level.
Note: Individuals and for-profit organizations are not eligible for the GGP scheme.
3. Project Areas
1) The GGP mainly targets areas that aim to improve BHNs provision, such as the projects that are highly beneficial at the grassroots level and those that require timely support on humanitarian grounds. Typical projects include tangible items such as construction/renovation of or introduction of equipment to primary schools, medical clinics, and social welfare facilities for people with disabilities, street children and the elderly, gender issues, elimination of violence against women, women’s empowerment, education for girls, excavation of water wells, vocational training, as well as improvement of fundamental medical equipment for hospitals to support vulnerable people such as refugees.
2) The following areas are not financed by the GGP:
  1. Office expenses (office rental fees, salary for employees, etc.)
  2. Contingency Funds
  3. Expenses incurred on individual or corporate profit-making activities
  4. Funding and items aimed at providing direct funds and assets to specific individuals (such as scholarships, accommodations, clothing, etc.; however, this does not include situations of emergency humanitarian aid in the event of natural disasters, etc.) 
  5. Expenses linked to indulgences that may be harmful to the human body, such as alcoholic beverages and cigarettes
  6. Research expenses that do not have clear direct benefits for the population
  7. Operation-related costs (personnel and operational costs, etc. that are indispensable to the project)
  8. Maintenance and management costs for the provided goods
  9. Vaccines
  10. Consumables, small fixtures
  11. Books (teaching materials, reference materials for educational projects, books for library collections, etc.)
  12. General passenger vehicles (vehicles that are highly universal and can be used for private purpose.)
  13. Electronic equipment such as personal computers, etc.
  14. Banking fees (remittance charge from the Embassy of Japan in Iran to the bank account of the recipient, opening and closing fee of a dedicated bank account for the GGP, account maintenance commission, foreign-exchange fee, etc.)
  15. Administrative fees, vehicle registration fees, etc. that can be a source of revenue for the national and local governments
  16. Import-related taxes (customs duty, internal taxes, etc.)
Note: Please consult the Embassy of Japan in Iran for more details.
4. Grant Amounts and Implementation Period (Limits)
The maximum amount of the Grant is less than 10 million yen per project, in principle, which shall be financed in Euro, and paid in Euro or IRR by the Embassy of Japan in Iran to the accepted recipients.
Projects are implemented for up to one year from the conclusion date of the Grant contract.

5. How to Apply
If your organization satisfies the conditions described hereinabove and you intend to receive the GGP grant assistance in order to implement a development project, you should submit the thoroughly completed application form (download from this website) with all the required attachments to the Economic Cooperation Section of Embassy of Japan in Iran.
The Government of Japan cannot support every submitted project. Funds are provided to appropriate projects after detailed examinations through site visiting, etc. and evaluations made by the Embassy of Japan in Iran, and the Government of Japan in Tokyo.
It should be noted that the application process of GGP is extremely competitive. Therefore, applicants are highly expected to apply at the earliest opportunity before deadline.
The application submission deadline for fiscal year 2023 is 2nd February 2023.
Broadly speaking, it is highly unlikely for any organization to adequately prepare all the necessary documents at the first submission;  the applicants are, therefore, expected to contact the GGP Consultants of the Economic Cooperation Section of the Embassy of Japan in Iran, in advance and to seek their consultation throughout the preparation process of the required documents.
6. Download Application Form
Application Form (Word)
Flow Chart of Procedure (PDF)
7. Contact
GGP Consultants, Economic Cooperation Section, Embassy of Japan in Iran
For NGOs:
TEL: +98 (21) 22660710 (ext. 138); E-mail:
For Governmental/Public Organizations:
TEL: +98 (21) 22660710 (ext. 139); E-mail:
(Note: Emails equal to or larger than 10MB in size, with attachments in any compressed format such as “zip” or “rar”, or with any program file or downloadable link attachments are rejected automatically and without the issuance of any form of prior warning to either parties.)